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October 2021

Implosion by Voluptas Mors

May 2021

Identity by Voluptas Mors

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March 2021

Infinite by Voluptas Mors

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August 2019

Instinct by Voluptas Mors

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October 2018

Innovation by Voluptas Mors

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July 2018

Inception by Voluptas Mors

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March 2018

Immortality by Voluptas Mors

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December 2017

Imagination by Voluptas Mors

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October 2017

Intelligence by Voluptas Mors

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August 2017

Inspiration by Voluptas Mors

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May 2017

Innocence by Voluptas Mors

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Voluptas Mors is a Barcelona based recording artist and producer whose supporting vocalists were formed at the beginning of 2017. The dynamic group emerges into the entrancing world of electronic music, with their own unique and exclusive project. Their innovative musical style combines elements of trip-hop, downtempo, chill lounge and nu-jazz, with a small pop music influence.

Members Ramon (producer, keyboards, guitars) and Laura (producer, electronic drums, percussion) both incorporated their extensive musical backgrounds into the project to create something beautiful. The duo blends various styles into a sound to life that enables listeners to fall in love with the music as a whole.

Though the duo only came together earlier this year, Voluptas Mors' music has already blossomed into a full-length album. Titled "Innocence" and released on May 12th 2017, the album features 8 tracks that bring listeners through an electronic journey capturing a variety of song elements. "Innocence" features a pair of vocalists, Veela and Cory Friesenhan. Together they bring expertise and experience to the album thanks in no small part to their amazing vocal range. The texture of their voices adds a new level of complexity to the music.

Hypnotic and beguiling, Voluptas Mors weaves a surreal world with “Inspiration” released on August 18th 2017. Rather luxurious, their style effortlessly blends in elements of downtempo, pop, jazz, all anchored by a trip-hop beat. Quite unique, Voluptas Mors draw from a wide variety of artists throughout their album, from DJ Shadow to Portishead. Melodies flutter about over the course of the album, glistening with the gorgeous keyboards Voluptas Mors utilizes throughout. By far though the heart and soul of the album rests with the soothing, gentle vocals by Holly Drummond and Cory Friesenhan. Within these vocals, the lyrics take a loving, almost poetic form as they are unspooled. Attention to detail means that Voluptas Mors allows for a wide variety of color to enter the compositions, all while employing a strong sense of timelessness.

A noir spirit imbues Voluptas Mors’ sly and stylish “Intelligence” released on October 13th 2017. With a nimble approach to rhythm and melody the album employs sly grooves throughout. The insistence upon balance results in a perfect mix of carefully crafted arrangements, every element of percussion, guitar gesture, and keyboard picked with precision. Vocals merge lusciously into these compositions as they feature a great deal of thoughtfulness, going for a dreamy disposition. Infinitely catchy, Voluptas Mors offer something unique, all neatly ensconced within a late-night reflective spirit.

Voluptas Mors explores beguiling aural atmospheres on the psychedelic industrial house of “Imagination”. Driven by visceral deep house beats, the songs possess a strong sense of physicality to them, making it Voluptas Mors’ most dance-centric release to date. The vocals help to infuse the entire album with an intimacy of sorts, as they drift by in a dreamy, lovely haze. Within these vocals Voluptas Mors incorporate a thoughtful approach to songwriting, resulting in narratives that feel almost stream of consciousness, as they unfurl with such ease. Layer upon layer of sound help to transform these pieces into ornate miniature symphonies, for their ear for melody is undeniable. Additionally, they also incorporate large elements of funk into the mix, further giving the songs a powerful, moving feeling to them.

“Immortality” is an album that grooves with impeccable ethereal catchiness from start to finish. At first, it’s hard to be anything except stunned while listening to Voluptas Mors’ latest release. As epic-minded electronic songwriting, this recording pack’s an emotional wallop few other acts are even trying to achieve these days. Though they may remind you of some legendary downtempo acts in some instances, there’s nothing derivative about these tracks, however; Ramon and Laura’s dense arrangements and the incomparably elastic male and female voices make the sound entirely their own.

Voluptas Mors’ “Inception” presents a lovely dark beauty showing off their undeniably alluring lyricism. Done with the greatest of care, Voluptas Mors offer up perfectly polished pieces, with every single detail possessing such soulfulness. Acid jazz and the blues come together blended into a singular entity. By far their catchiest album to date, their usage of the unexpected results in an infinitely enjoyable rabbit hole of intricate detail, from the horns on “Love’s So Strong” to the industrial funk of “Give Me What I Want”. Through this incorporation of such a wide number of influences the whole of the album feels fully immersive and all consuming.

Voluptas Mors weaves whole new worlds with the dreamy “Innovation”. While still clearly indebted to trip-hop, the group moves further into nimble, fragile textures. Experimentation becomes more important within the album, lending the whole journey a playful quality. Over the course of the album they show off constantly shifting melodies, retaining the looseness of jazz as they bring ever larger amounts of electronics into the fray. The vocals imbue this experience with such life, ensuring that everything comes together in a way that feels vital, real, and strangely alluring. Lyrics employ a great deal of imagery ensuring they always seem just beyond the album’s horizons.

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